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Sana Labs - Personalized Learning, Reimagined with AI

Sana makes learning smart, adaptive, and engaging. With AI-assisted learning, course
creation, and analytics Sana is your all-in-one training platform.

Sana Labs is the global leader in the development and application of AI for learning. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, we partner with Global Fortune 2000 organizations to bring the benefits of AI to millions of learners. During the pandemic, 2,000 hospitals adopted the Sana platform to provide efficient upskilling for over 80,000 healthcare workers on the treatment and prevention of Covid-19. Sana analyzed each nurse’s individual knowledge gaps and then personalized the learning path accordingly.

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*Hanson Wade does not affiliate itself with any of the prizes or operational handling corresponding to this raffle. All prizes and operations are the sole responsibility of Sana Labs and Hanson Wade accepts no responsibility for losses, prize choices or operational activity arising from this activity.*

Team Members

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Alexandra Schildt

Business Development

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Samuel Björklund

Business Development