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LEAP HR Searchlight Networks

LEAP HR Searchlight networks exist to shine a powerful light across the industry and into the future to help HR and TA professionals, at all stages of their careers, to save time and join a ready-made network working collaboratively to tackle shared challenges and objectives.

We are thrilled to be offering a number of experiences at LEAP HR: Life Sciences West that you can join!


LEAP CHRO Searchlight Dinner - 6.30pm 

Exclusively for the Heads of HR within their organization, this dinner serves to bring members and prospective members to come together in person, providing further opportunities to grow their networks, develop current strategic hypotheses and collaborate.

IMPORTANT: We expect this experience to be in high demand, for very limited spaces, so please enquire for more information, for future experiences, and/or to learn more about the LEAP CHRO Searchlight network.


LEAP HRBP Searchlight Breakfast Taster: Elevating HR as architects and owners | 7:30 - 8:30am 

This session is built for high potential HRBPs to come together and discuss how to act in a consultative way for their business, to implement change initiatives and advocate for HR solutions.

This meeting is built on the digital presentation Tracey Franklin, CHRO from Moderna, gave for the network in March. Tracey’s had first-hand experience with steering her organization through designing (and owning) corporate strategy and provides a case study for HRBPs to pragmatically tackle to share experiences and walk away with actionable insights.

Please reach out if you are interested in joining this free-to-attend session.

Explore LEAP HR Searchlight Networks

The exclusive, industry-specific, global life sciences network built by CHROs for CHROs to overcome critical challenges and discover solutions through year round connection. Through facilitated dialogue, the exchange of experiences, and shared best practice with hyper-relevant provocative thought partners, LEAP CHRO Searchlight strives to radically change businesses through its people.

A dynamic development academy sculpted for HiPo HRBPs who have potential but need more experience and diversity of thought to deliver maximum impact. Each monthly meeting is led by experienced HR thought leaders (mentors) to accelerate personal skill progression, advance the business, and better support the CHRO.

An exclusive and collaborative community of disruptive TA leaders engaged in a year-round pursuit to accelerate the recruitment of better talent within life sciences, faster. Through short, sharp and strategic cornerstone meetings, these life science organizations finally create the time to think into the future, developing a ‘what’s next’ mindset by uncovering ‘aha moments’ from their peers.

Searchlight, by Hanson Wade, are expert networks where group members regularly unite around highly specialized content areas and gain access to exclusive KOL networks to overcome shared drug development challenges.