Monday May 9, 2022

6pm – 8pm 

A Disruptive Strategy Evening Designed Exclusively For C-Suite Life Sciences HR Leaders


What is it?

C-Hack was born out of a desire to help the CHROs of fast paced organizations develop themselves and will feature eye-opening panel discussions, roundtable sessions and exclusive opportunities for networking with a dynamic group of like-minded peers. The forum will be a more informal setting with drinks and dinner included.


Who attends?
Exclusively CHROs, VPHRs, CPOs and equivalent Heads of Human Resources bursting to share their experiences.

On the Day:


Welcome Drinks


Panel Discussion: The Brand-New HR Thinking Required to Future-Proof Innovation in Life Science Organizations of All Stages & Sizes

Moderated by Nadine Greiner, Former Chief Human Resources Officer, 4D Molecular Therapeutics
Questions will include:

  • What 3 things should a great CHRO have in or add to their toolbox to hit 2022-2025?
  • How can we create and communicate an EVP throughout your organization that really differentiates your organization? How can we ensure your EVP matches your CVP?
  • What can you do differently to align individual & organizational purpose within the life sciences industry and tell that story correctly?
  • How do you weave in you company’s unique missions and values into HR processes in the employee life cycle? Is it possible to quantify this?
  • How can we identify the right people for career development and promotions? What impact does this have on culture and retention?
  • How can you highlight the opportunity for the individual and make clear how they are making an impact in the company and in the industry?
  • As a HR leader how can you establish yourself at the table with the other business leaders and thinking proactively instead of reactively about the people function?
  • What are you doing to communicate the long-term impact of ‘The Great Resignation’ to the board?
  • How can HR leaders establish themselves as strategists as opposed to putting out fires? What 3 things should a great CHRO have in or add to their toolbox to hit 2022-2025?


Refreshment Break


Speed Learning


roundtables for c-hack


Networking, Drinks & Hors D’oeuvres